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MLMC wanted to develop a couple of 3D animated characters to introduce, brand and promote their new clean energy technology, Enviro-fuelcubes®. They turned to DreamLight to design the characters and produce a one minute character animation that could be used for web promotions as well as TV commercials. We first designed the main 3D character couple, Les Fossil and Nota Waste, proceeding through an iterative series of proposed 2D sketches exploring various directions until the client was satisfied with the design. We then created 3D models of the characters, textured, rigged, posed and rendered them for use in web, print and billboard advertisements. We even created special watertight versions of the 3D models for use in the 3D printing of plastic character figurines and full-size fiberglass statues for use in additional advertising and marketing opportunities. Read More…


Quality:5-Star Gold Stars Service:5-Star Gold Stars Value:5-Star Gold Stars

“DreamLight has far exceeded our expectations during every stage of engagement producing an animation that nails the objectives of the project’s concept and quality directives. The extraordinary creative abilities of DreamLight offered an enjoyable and productive process that developed the final product well beyond the concepts offered during the initial stages of the project.”

- President/CEO, MLMC

DreamLight is an award-winning 3D animation studio in the greater Boston area in Massachusetts. We’ve been bringing digital dreams to light with CGI animation, illustration, interactive multimedia and design for over 25+ years.

Whether you need a 3D character designed to help brand your products or 3D animation, illustration or design to introduce your products and services to your customers, DreamLight can work closely with your marketing team to design characters and create animation, illustration or design that will breathe new life into all your sales and marketing efforts.

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DreamLight wrote the book: Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short. See what we can do for you.

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