DreamLight Constellation 2.0 Pre-release Sale

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 – 30’th Anniversary Pre-release Sale In celebration of DreamLight’s 30’th anniversary we’re pleased to announce that our newly upgraded DreamLight Constellation 2 network render controller has entered final beta testing for an impending version 2.0 release. All … Read More

Lighting Instances with Global Illumination Glowing Surfaces in LightWave 3D

Behind the Scenes Production of Director’s Cut HD version of 3D CGI Short Film – Fault Effect™ This Lighting Instances with Global Illumination Glowing Surfaces post is another in a continuing series of behind the scenes blog posts. They follow … Read More

LightWave 3D Nested Instancing – Creating an Army of 800K Marching Robots

To celebrate DreamLight’s 30th anniversary as we enter 2017 I’m resuming production on a new director’s cut HD version of our 3D animated CGI short film – Fault Effect™. The preliminary low-resolution version of the short film was pushed to … Read More

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Sale!

For a limited time only we’re offering a 50% discount on new purchases and/or upgrades of DreamLight Constellation & DLI_SNUB-Launcher bundle licenses. DreamLight® Constellation™ is a drag-and-drop network render controller for LightWave 3D’s network rendering system – ScreamerNet. LightWave 3D … Read More

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