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Designing a Major Software Identity for Macromedia FreeHand Including Cover Illustration & Icon Design

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FreeHand Software Identity

Much of the content for this DreamLight Insight was originally published in Desktop Publishers’ Design 101 feature, titled Creating FreeHand’s New Identity, as well as the following

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Computer Artist

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The Javelin Thrower, sure to catch your eye at the software store.
-Chuck Kraemer, The Cutting Edge, WCVB TV5 Boston

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When the creator of FreeHand, Jim Von Ehr of Altsys/Macromedia, wanted a new identity and illustration for FreeHand’s new packaging, he called DreamLight. Jim was a fan of DreamLight’s work ever since he first saw the widely published Lucid Beginnings, one of our earliest FreeHand illustrations. We had actually created Lucid Beginnings as a test to see just how far we could push FreeHand when it was first released. Jim had a signed original of Lucid Beginnings hanging in his office at Altsys for years.

Now you can step behind the scenes and watch how DreamLight designed the new FreeHand identity from the desktop icons to the cover illustration. We’ll even show you some of our professional tips & tricks for high end PostScript illustration and splash screen & icon design.

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Michael Scaramozzino

Michael Scaramozzino
President and Creative Director

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Director Tips & Tricks

Authorized Macromedia Developer

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PostScript Illustration Techniques, Tips & Tricks

Splash Screen and Desktop Icon Design Techniques, Tips & Tricks

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