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20 Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2007

DreamLight Director Talisman:
The Multimedia Developer’s Magic Charm

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Don’t Fall Prey to the Evil Pitfalls of Multimedia Development
Arm Yourself with the DreamLight Director Talisman

In twenty years of award-winning interactive multimedia authoring & CD-ROM development we have had to wrestle with and overcome many common pitfalls. Naturally, when dealing with advanced and complicated authoring environments such as the venerable Macromedia Director, problems arise. We usually post our discovered solutions to the Director mailing list to help others travel this road more easily. I have often been asked by other list members to post my Direct-L contributions on the DreamLight WebSite.

In answer to these requests, I’m pleased to present you with the DreamLight Director Talisman. This is the place where we will compile all our professional tips & tricks for multimedia development. We will add new contributions as they become available. Use the DreamLight Director Talisman as your developer’s magic charm. It just may save you many hours of frustration. The DreamLight Director Talisman is not affiliated with Macromedia in any way.

We hope you enjoy the many tips & tricks of the DreamLight Director Talisman. Subscribe to the DreamLight Electronic Mailing List to be notified of additional issues of DreamLight Insights--behind the scenes explorations of interactive multimedia, 3D graphics and digital design.

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Michael Scaramozzino

Michael Scaramozzino
President and Creative Director


Authorized Macromedia Developer

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