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Autiton™ Intelligent Interactive Characters;
Simulating Intelligence by Creating Virtual Minds

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DreamLight Files for a Provisional Patent for a Method for Simulating Intelligence Through the Programming of a Virtual Mind

After many years of research and development into interactive multimedia and intelligent interactive characters, DreamLight has filed for a provisional patent for part of our DreamLight Autiton, Intelligent Interactive Character technology. This technology is comprised of two major components; A method for simulating intelligence through programming a virtual mind and a method for animating 3D interactive characters. The current patent filing outlined here pertains to the creation of the VirtualMind. This provisional patent is intended to facilitate DreamLight’s commercialization and licensing of our Autiton, Intelligent Interactive Characters in various formats from CD-ROMs to Internet applications and various markets from commercial spokes-characters to entertainment.

An early proof of concept of our Autiton, Interactive Character Technology can be see in Quipples: The Internet Game Show of Satirical Riddles, hosted by NineOh, The World’s First Autiton, Intelligent Interactive Character. Download a copy and try it out! Keep your eyes on Autitons.com and/or InteractiveCharacters.com in the coming months to see a completed multiplayer version of Quipples, as well as other Autiton based products.

If you would like to license DreamLight’s Autiton Intelligent Interactive Character Technology or have DreamLight develop an Autiton, Intelligent Interactive Character for your next CD-ROM and/or Internet application, please contact us.

We hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes of our DreamLight Autiton, Intelligent Interactive Characters. Subscribe to the DreamLight Electronic Mailing List to be notified of additional issues of DreamLight Insights--behind the scenes explorations of interactive multimedia, 3D graphics and digital design.


Michael Scaramozzino

Michael Scaramozzino
President and Creative Director

DreamLight Director Talisman
Director Tips & Tricks

Authorized Macromedia Developer

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Provisional Patent

See NineOh the World’s First Autiton in
Quipples: The Internet Game Show of Satirical Riddles

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