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20+ Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2007

High Resolution Production Still Gallery from
BlastOff!™ an Award-winning 3D Animated Short Film

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The opening title sequence is on a pad of paper whose pages are torn off one by one.
A custom designed space shuttle bed is built in a time lapse sequence.
The child's drawing table. A little green alien toy comes to life.
The little toy alien looks around the room after coming to life.
The little toy alien has a blast prentending to pilot the space ship bed till he get's carried away.
The space shuttle bed takes the little alien on a wild ride through Saturn's rings.
BlastOff! is based on the real BlastOff! Space Shuttle Bed as seen on HGTV’s Look What I Did!

Additional high resolution stills are available on the BlastOff! Special Edition DVD.

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BlastOff! The Award-winning 3D Animated Short film by Michael Scaramozzino - Special Edition DVD

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BlastOff! Wins a Silver W3 Award in the Pioneering Category of Web Video - 3D Animation

BlastOff! Wins an Official Honoree Webby Award in the category of 3D Animation



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