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20+ Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2007

DreamLight Insights Behind the Scenes Case Studies on 3D Animation, Interactive Multimedia & Digital Design

This legacy version of DreamLight Insights is being kept online while we move all our content over to our new website. For updated versions of these insights as well as new insights, tutorials and news, please visit our NEW DreamLight Blog.

DreamLight Insight #12: BlastOff! An Award-winning 3D Animated Short FilmDreamLight Insight #12: BlastOff! An Award-winning 3D Animated Short Film DreamLight Insight #10: Mastering LWSN on the Macintosh: LightWave 8 ScreamerNet for Mac OS X The Autiton Archives WIP Blog: 3D Animated Web Series DreamLight Insight #09: DreamLight Files for a Patent for a Method for Simulating Intelligence through the Programming of a Virtual Mind DreamLight Insight #07: Director Talisman, Lingo Tips & Tricks DreamLight Insight #08: 3D Edutainment CD-ROM Design DreamLight Insight #05: Software Identity & Icon Design - Macromedia DreamLight Insight #03: PostScript Illustration - Etonic DreamLight Insight #04: Kiosk & 3D Character Design - Kodak DreamLight Insight #02: Shockwave Game Design DreamLight Insight #01: 3D Modeling & Rendering - Bose DreamLight Insight #06: DreamLight Web Design Guide

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Read the How-to Book: Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short. Follow the 3D Web Series: The Autiton Archives - 3D Animated Web Series - Pilot Webisode 000 - Fault Effect

DreamLight Insights are electronic newsletters containing over twenty years worth of behind the scenes case studies exploring numerous award-winning projects. They include many of DreamLight’s professional tips and tricks on a variety of computer graphics subjects including:

DreamLight Insights are written during the process of a variety of actual projects from interface and web design, through commercial CD-ROM production, to full-blown 3D animated short films.


Michael Scaramozzino

Michael Scaramozzino
President and Creative Director

DreamLight Director Talisman
Director Tips & Tricks

Authorized Macromedia Developer


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DreamLight Interactive Releases New ScreamerNet UB Launcher

DLI_SNUB-Launcher™ is an XCode Aqua GUI front end to interactively configure and launch multiple LightWave 9.3-10 ScreamerNet UB instances for standalone, batch and network rendering. Download your copy today!

Created by the author of Mastering LightWave ScreamerNet Rendering for Mac OS X, Michael Scaramozzino - LightWave 3D Artist Profile.

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BlastOff! Wins a Silver W3 Award in the Pioneering Category of Web Video - 3D Animation

BlastOff! Wins an Official Honoree Webby Award in the category of 3D Animation



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