Early 3D Character Design & Animation for Kodak’s Creation Station Photo Kiosk


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“You made me look good on this project.”

– Creative Director, Eastman Kodak Company

Kodak – Back when computer hard drives were still measured in mere Megabytes, Kodak needed a digital host, a 3D animated character, to demonstrate their Creation Station photo editing kiosk. The animation needed to fit within the very limited data storage that had been allocated on the kiosk. Kodak turned to DreamLight to fulfill their specific project 3D character design & animation requirements.

DreamLight designed and produced a concept test rendering of a new 3D animated character named “Flip.” Flip was a bit too radical a departure from an existing 2D character that Kodak already had in mind though, so we simplified the design into a 3D character, named “Snapshot” that was closer to their existing 2D character concept. We then created 16-bit limited-cell 3D animation of Snapshot to fit within Kodak’s allocated data storage constraints, and the rather limited playback capabilities of the time. We then took the rendered 3D limited-cell animation sequences and developed an interactive multimedia demo for the Kodak Creation Station kiosk introduction in Macromedia Director (Now Adobe Director).

NOTE: If you have a fast Internet connection you may change the video setting to HD.

Exhibits & Publications

Michael Scaramozzino was invited to give a live talk about this 3D character design & animation project at Apple’s New Media World Tour. The project also appeared in numerous publications including the following: HOW Magazine, Publish magazine, Digital Images – A Practical Guide book, Step by Step Electronic Design – Japan magazine, Digital Portfolio: 26 Design Portfolios Unzipped large format hard-cover coffee table book.

How Magazine - Scaramozzino - Kodak Creation Station

Publish Magazine - Scaramozzino - Kodak Creation Station

Digital Images - A Practical Guide - Scaramozzino

Step by Step Electronic Design, Japan - Scaramozzino - Portfolio

Digital Portfolio: 26 Design Portfolios Unzipped

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  • Project Type: 3D Character Design & Animation
  • Skills & Software Used: 3D Character Design & Modeling - Macromodel, Animated Texture Maps - FreeHand3D, Animation - Macromedia Three-D, Interactive Animation - Macromedia Director, Image Compositing - Photoshop
  • Client & Year: Kodak - 1994
  • Awards & Publications: How magazine, Publish magazine, Step-by-Step Electronic Design magazine, Digital Images, A Practical Guide book, The Apple New Media Forum World Tour