3D Interactive Product Animation CD-ROM Development for AEA Technology

AEA Technology needed a 3D Interactive Product Animation CD-ROM to provide product documentation along with their static electricity reduction product, StatAttack. They needed to communicate to their end users the features and benefits of the product. They also needed to show how to operate the device. The product required special handling because it contained a controlled isotope. So they also needed to show the procedures to securely store and properly ship the product back to the manufacturer when the isotope needed replacement.

DreamLight worked closely with their ad agency to create 3D product animation that illustrated each of the products features, benefits and uses. We then put it all together by creating an easy to use 3D animated interactive multimedia CD-ROM to accompany the product. We also created high resolution 3D product illustrations for use in marketing print collateral and an international advertising campaign. This is a great way to leverage the creation of 3D project assets across a wide range of additional uses. The same 3D product models may be used to create 3D product animation at SD and HD resolutions as well as rendered out at high resolution suitable for use in print.

3D Interactive Product Animation CD-ROM

Whether you need a 3D Interactive Product Animation CD-ROM or 3D Product Animation for use on the web, video, or TV broadcast, you can rely on DreamLight’s vast experience. We’ve been bringing dreams to light digitally with 3D CGI computer graphics for over a quarter century and we’d love to help bring your dreams to light.

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  • Project Type: 3D Interactive Product Animation CD-ROM
  • Skills & Software Used: 3D Modeling - FormZ, 3D Texturing & Rendering - EIAS Electric Image Animation System, Interactive Multimedia Authoring - Macromedia Director (Now Adobe Director)
  • Client: AEA Technology