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10 Social Media Platforms that Honor Freedom of Speech and User Privacy

No Safe Spaces: You Have the Right to Remain Silent

[UPDATE: 5/15/23: We’ve posted a revised list of 13 Free Speech Social Media Platforms with new entries! ]

The big tech social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are increasingly instituting AI shadow banning, censorship, banning, blocking and canceling anything and anyone who dares to question their “official” narratives. They also increasingly collect and package user data for sale to advertisers and other third parties.

So, many people are actively looking for more user friendly social media platforms that honor the Freedom of Speech and user privacy more than the big brother tech giants do. Here are a dozen social media platforms that do just that.

1 – MeWe

MeWe LogoMeWe is similar to Facebook, but without the censorship and privacy issues. They market themselves as the anti-Facebook. MeWe believes in the Freedom of Speech and honors user privacy. They don’t have ads and fund the site through upgrades to premium accounts and add-ons to the basic free user account. MeWe has chats, groups, pages and events, MeWe started in 2016 and has about 15.5 million users with phenomenal growth doubling in each of the past three years. MeWe may be used via their website or Apple/Google app.

2 – Gab

Gab is like a combination of Facebook and YouTube. The main social media portion is similar to Facebook and includes groups and chats. The included GabTV is similar to YouTube and includes channels and subscriptions of favorite content. Gab also honors the Freedom of Speech. They do have sponsored ads but they are not as intrusive as the ads on Facebook. Gab also has its own privacy focused browser available named Dissenter and they have built out their own infrastructure, so they can’t be cancelled by big brother tech. Gab is only accessed by the website. They do not have an app so that Apple/Google can not censor or ban it.

3 – Minds

Minds is similar to Facebook with groups, chats and a crypto currency twist. It is targeted to content producers who wish to earn crypto from their posts. It has a built-in crypto token wallet that can be used to boost posts and to send or receive reward tokens. Minds+ accounts can earn tokens for posting popular content. Minds may be used via their website or Apple/Google app.

4 – Gettr

Gettr is the newest free-speech social media platform run by Jason Miller, former Senior Advisor to President Trump. Gettr is similar to Twitter without the censorship or character limit, so it is more like Parler than Twitter. Gettr may be used via the website or Apple/Google app.

5 – FreeTalk45

FreeTalk 45 is a social media platform run by OAN, One America News Network. FreeTalk is also similar to the other free-speech alternatives to Twitter or Facebook. It has a post character limit similar to Twitter. FreeTalk 45 posts are limited to 260 characters, which is a bit too short compared to other free-speech platforms. It also has pages, groups and events like Facebook. FreeTalk 45 may be used via the website or Apple/Google app. The website currently appears to be a bit slower to respond than some of the other platforms.

6 – Telegram

Telegram is a free-speech encrypted messaging platform that many have started to use as an alternative to Twitter. It supports groups, channels and subscriptions. Telegram has seen tremendous growth recently with over 500 million monthly active users. Telegram may be used via the website, desktop app on many operating systems or Apple/Google app.

7 – Locals

Locals is a free-speech social media platform launched by Dave Rubin. Locals is targeted to content creators who want to monetize their content. Creators can create groups (communities) that users can follow for free or subscribe to for a creator set fee. Paying subscribers have access to subscriber only content. Locals posts are limited to a whopping 15,000 characters. Locals may be used vie the website or Apple/Google app.

8 – Rumble

Rumble is a free-speech video streaming platform alternative to YouTube. It supports live-streams, channels and subscriptions as well as monetizing your videos. With Rumble you can monetize videos that do not meet YouTube’s new creator hurdles. Rumble may be used via their website or Apple/Google apps.

9 – Bit Chute

BitChute is another free-speech video streaming platform alternative to YouTube. It can be used to share videos without having to worry about YouTube censorship. As such there is a wide range of content that some may find objectionable. But it can be used to post videos and embed them into web posts or share them to social media platforms.

10 – Frankspeech

FrankSpeech is a new social media platform from Mike Lindell. The platform will eventually be a full social media platform like a combination of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Currently however it is mostly a live streaming channel broadcasting a 24/7 stream of video content including live and previously recorded programming. The social media portions of the site are expected to be enabled by the end of the year.

0 – CloutHub

[UPDATE: CloutHub censors and shadow bans as well] CloutHub was like a combination of Facebook, twitter and YouTube. It has groups, meetings, videos and channels. Like twitter, the posts only allow a limited number of characters. CloutHub posts are limited to 300 characters. The platform is targeted toward users interested in connecting with others for causes or movements with channels and meetings. CloutHub may be used via the website or Apple/Google app.

0 – Parler

[UPDATE: Parler was run out of business by big tech censorship] Parler was similar to Twitter without the political censoring. Parler posts, called Parlays, have a much higher character limit of 1000 characters. It may be used via website or the dedicated Parler app. The app may have more censoring to stay on the Apple/Google big brother tech platforms. Parler was temporarily shut down when all the big brother tech titans all colluded together to drive their greatest free-speech competitor at the time offline. Parler has been rebuilt on new hosting providers and has a new app.

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51 Responses

  1. DAVID
    | Reply

    Created and run by Mike Adams

  2. Francesca Roman
    | Reply

    You need to add which ones are free and which ones have a fee to join. just went to MeWe and they don’t tell you there is a fee until you sign up. Not very transparency friendly and to me, not someone I can trust then.

    • MeWe is free. I use a free account there. They also have upgrades you can purchase for a fee though because they don’t run on ad revenue. Many of the free sites also have paid upgrades but those are optional.

  3. Shalonda F. Fielder
    | Reply

  4. Devon
    | Reply

    You should put in a “cite this page button”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. James Prince
    | Reply

    You missed Freedoms Square at https://community, a social media hub.

    • Hi James,

      As a new platform with only 23 users so far, I wouldn’t say it was missed… It may grow into a viable alternative but would have a long way to go of course.


  6. Ed
    | Reply

    Worth checking out this great community

  7. David K Haadsma
    | Reply

    Nice, helpful article. Any reason i didn’t see Truth Social, or is that still up in the air?

    • Thanks David, Truth Social was not launched when the article was written. It’s certainly a new free-speech platform though, so I’ll probably add it in an update to the article when I get a chance. Thanks!

      • concernedreality

        Hi Michael

        Remember to mention to your audience, about

        Free Speech
        No AI (Artificial Intelligence) used at all
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  8. concernedreality
    | Reply is a true alternative of FB/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn and so on. Not Censored, No Tracking, Independent Owned and managed. Free Speech Social Media Site and an Affordable Business Directory World-Wide. Lots of different group chat topics. Profile, Pvt messaging, Likes at the comment section and Video Chat world wide

  9. Robert
    | Reply

    I have slowly have been trying them all out one at a time the first was Gag, where it ask to introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself, I told them I believe in freedom of speech and our constitution, get this, they put me on a nine hour hold, and it said it was either sexual harassment or violence, I did neither one, I tried contacting their help section and told them what happened and asked why? to know avail, then after the ban I was checking it out and noticed all of the hate groups and deleted them ASAP. though I still am dumb found on why I was put on the 9 hour hold

    • You mean Gab? Not sure what happened there. I haven’t had any problems with it. Try MeWe and TruthSocial. MeWe has a wider focus and TruthSocial is more political.

  10. Toby
    | Reply

    You may also add

  11. Robert
    | Reply

    Hi Michael, I am leaving Facebook, I believe in our freedoms, I do not want to support any social media that does not believe in our constitution, my Question is how do I share this page to share with my friend on Facebook, I would love for them to be able to check out this site of 12 hoping others will jump aboard, I am not seeing a plce on your site to do this. Thank You Sincerely Robert

    • Hi Robert, Sorry for the delay, I just noticed your question now. You can use the “Share This” links in the right hand column at the top of the page (on desktop, otherwise they appear below the content on mobile). Or just copy/paste the URL like sharing any other link on social media. Thanks!

  12. James
    | Reply

    I got a platform wide ban for 3 days for “something” on telegram and they just sold their German users down the river…that combined with the fact that the creator is a WEF pawn makes telegram highly suspect…

    • Without knowing any details, it would difficult to make any decisions based on this. But of course, these 12 are just suggestions to try out for those fed up with the Big Brother Tech platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Of course YMMV.

  13. Shaun
    | Reply

    You may want to include which has been there since 2014 now and has a strong global user base.

    • Thanks Shaun,
      I haven’t seen that social platform based on a book community, but it could be worth checking out too.

  14. Visual321
    | Reply

    online free speech should be limited to same rights of free speech while speaking in a public place. Speaking in public your right to free speech is limited. You can not threaten, harass or slander anyone and of course this includes nudity is not allowed in public. Speaking on the Internet In the United States the same rules and rights
    for speaking in public should apply. Nothing in our bill of rights or the constitution could be interpreted to grant more rights to free speech when posting on the Internet in public forums or social media.

    • GJ Dunn
      | Reply

      I believe in being respectful to someone when debating a subject. And I agree that people shouldn’t bully or use foul language in that debate. But when one group of people is censored, and another isn’t all because there is disagreement if the chicken or egg came first. Then that is unfair play.

      • JAY KALSI

        I utterly disagree with you; ‘respect’ has to be EARNED; if someone is going to make statements that are false and threaten social cohesion then users should have total freedom to insult such idiots. YouTube banned me for insulting a bunch of bigots, yet the bigot has total freedom to post bigoted videos

    • David Roy Turner
      | Reply

      Yet gay people parade naked down the streets during their ‘ pride ‘ parades and it’s protected as free speech. People can burn our Nations Flag ( which can be construed as a threat ) and yet that too is protected by the first amendment. Many states allow threats in public and slander. If the person makes good on the threat then they are charged and the threats made are entered as evidence. As for slander and libel, that’s what civil suits are for. Personally, I would rather know who my enemies are, than to silence them and wonder.

    • James
      | Reply

      You are confused, free speech is 100% guaranteed. Making a threat isn’t speech, it’s making a threat and it’s illegal. Hate speech is not a thing, simply because one doesn’t like what someone is saying does not “limit” their ability to say what they like as long as it’s not a threat.

  15. Radar
    | Reply

    Obviously no platform should be “anything goes”, but if verified data has been found on official sites, or in legal or government documents that are available to the public, and most people are not of aware of, but should be, THAT information should be accessible on ALL platforms.

    • Of course. Also, opinion should be allowed, even if others disagree. As long as it doesn’t stray into illegal behavior of course.

  16. Yomama
    | Reply

    Have you seen the reviews of MeWe? Are you actually using it? Its a giant bug. So your comments here are questionable if you dont realize how bugged is MeWe.

    • What problems are you having? I have been using it for a couple of years now (with a few accounts) and haven’t had any more problems than any other platform.

      • Alwyn

        I myself have tried MeWe and as Yomama says, it’s buggy as hell. In the end my patience ran out & I closed my account

      • Michael Scaramozzino

        That’s strange. I’m on about 10 social media platforms and so far MeWe has the most engagement, though I’ve been on that one the longest. I have periodically run into some sporadic issues, on all platforms, but nothing that made me want to leave MeWe.

  17. Doug DiZoglio
    | Reply

    9 years i gave to Facebook, believing all the while they would not hurt anyone.
    I put together page after page as a self proclaimed advocate for Victims of Authority Abuse. And one by one they were disassembled by Facebook.Finding ways to stop my writing to EXPOSE people and entities that were Abusing their authority and making victims of local citizens. FACEBOOK became my biggest issue of these corrupt entities i was Exposing.
    I wrote nearly if not more than 10,000 posts with as many readers. In the past 4 yrs Id be lucky if a total of 10,000 read my posts..
    I am currently in the proverbial Facebook Jail, for the 4th time in several weeks for commenting with a question that had the word Shoot in it,, “Whad they do, shoot him?”.. When i attempted to appeal the decision on their suggestion, I GOT AN ERROR MESSAGE SAYING. This can’t be sent right now, Try Later.
    I’m now searching for a place to write my opinions and re build my advocate page without fear of censorship, Any helpful suggestions ?

    Facebook is out of Control. and has lost its way, But I suppose they can always BUY A NEW WAY! dbd

    • What are you still doing on Facebook? It’s far past time to move on. MeWe is probably a good fit for what you are doing. The interface is similar to Facebook and it has groups.

    • Steven Douglas Carr
      | Reply

      Same with me. FB is blocking and censoring me out the wazoo. Today they blocked me again for two more days. I never use obscenity. Never make threats. But I do post a lot of material I know FB would not agree with politically. That they can’t handle…I’m looking for other sites, but don’t know much about them. I post all kinds of things: political, inspirational, humor, photos, music, etc. I’d like to do the same thing somewhere else…without the bullying, censorship and sanctimony of FB. Any ideas?

      • Kracken Up

        I’m right there with you. I canceled Fake broke over 6 yrs ago. There are so many things they do behind your back, even when you ‘cancel’ your subscription. It’s sick and totally communist crap.
        I am not on any other social media except for YT because there are some channels I really, really like.
        I also have a live chat group that meets M-F 9-12 PST on Dana Radio Live. This is Dana Loech. She is very much about our Freedom, and rights to be free americans.
        I love my Chat room Peeps, and don’t want to give it up.
        But, I have been canceled by YT and they are so much B.S. and they have a tiny print add on at the very bottom of their TOS that says ‘We have the right to cancel anyone at anytime, for what ever reason we want to’.
        I tried to appeal it, but just got a b.s. form letter referring back to their TOS crap.
        YT is owned by Google so all of this Xi jinping/Hitler censorship doesn’t surprise me in the least.
        I really, really need to find a real ‘free speech’ forum I can join and once again be a real Free Amerrican. Please let me know if you find one that I can join and not get bitched out either by the ‘ohh, no political topics’- snowflakes, and media monsters that hate us just to control us.

      • Instachat1Admin
        is for you. The ultimate alternative to FB, Twitter and so on
        You will love it! There are no trolls or bots. Everyone gets either approved or denied. It has various organized chat groups. Plus your profile page, plus Likes and GIF’s. Also, you can connect with family and friends from all over the world with video chat within seconds. You will not find it on Google search. Just enter it on the search Bar of URL

  18. Another new one I’d add now of course is TRUTH Social. It’s only available for iPhone at the moment, but should be rolled out to a wider audience soon.

  19. Michael
    | Reply

    Remove Gettr and Parler they still censur their users.

    • All will still remove some stuff that may be abusive, violent, etc. of course. It’s the overt, oppressive political censorship that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al. have instituted against anything that counters their political propaganda narratives that these 12 get away from.

  20. Chris Crush
    | Reply is by far better than any of these

  21. michael
    | Reply

    These Are Great I Also Use its like facebook but without all bull and getting better and better in my opinion maybe you should also add this one to your list as its great in my opinion

    • I haven’t heard of that one. I’ll have to check it out, thanks.

      • Instachat1Admin

        Check out
        Nothing like it! It is a true alternative to Fb and Twitter
        Very nice and organized with various chat group topics
        Profile page
        Likes and GIF’s
        Video Chat world wide
        Comment comfortably
        No trolls or bot
        Completely Independent
        Not google or Apple affiliated
        Just add the sire’s URL to your Homescreen on the phone
        Or better use a Lap top too
        Affordable Business , Professional & Trades, Directory World-Wide

  22. Albert Adcock
    | Reply

    I have tried on several occasions to join parler but they make everything so difficult to join I gave up on parler

    • I had a Parler account before they got deplatformed by the Big Brother Tech platforms. Then had to reactivate that once they resurfaced. I’ve found that Gab and MeWe far outperforms Parler for engagement since Parler came back. I’m waiting to see how Truth Social performs, since that should be going live to the public in February.

    • James Washington
      | Reply

      Telegram is not free speech.
      Just another FB.

      You can and will get banned

      • Michael Scaramozzino

        All platforms will remove abusive, violent or illegal content of course. It’s the “politically incorrect” censorship that these platforms get away from. No platform is 100% Free Speech.

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