15 Free Speech Social Media Platforms

13 Free Speech Social Media Platforms

No Safe Spaces: You Have the Right to Remain SilentThis is a followup to a previous post: 12 Social Media Platforms that Honor Freedom of Speech and User Privacy. After Parler had initially been deplatformed by the big brother tech giants Apple, Google and Amazon, they fought to come back online, but never really regained their earlier traction. Parler was recently acquired by Starboard and shut down. In the mean time a number of newer free-speech social media platforms have arisen, including Truth Social, Frank Social and others, which have been added to the list below.

This is not a comprehensive list of course, just 15 that I’ve tried. Feel free to post other free speech platforms in the comments below and let us know what you think!

1 – Truth Social

Truth Social LogoTruth Social is the free speech social media component of TMTG Trump Media & Technology Group that President Donald J. Trump launched after being censored, blocked and canceled by the big brother tech platforms of Twitter and Facebook. President Trump now has 5.26 million followers on Truth Social. Congressman Devin Nunes became the CEO of Truth Social in December of 2021. Truth Social works similar to Twitter, but without the censorship and with a 500 character limit. Truth Social also includes direct messaging and embedded video through their partnership with the video platform Rumble. Truth Social may be used online via the TruthSocial.com website or by downloading the TruthSocial Apple/Android app.

2 – Gettr

Gettr is the free-speech social media platform run by Jason Miller, former Senior Advisor to President Trump. Gettr is similar to Twitter without the censorship and with a 777 character limit. Gettr includes direct messages, embedded video and even live video. Gettr may be used via the website or Apple/Android app.


3 – MeWe

MeWe LogoMeWe is similar to Facebook, but without the censorship and privacy issues. They market themselves as the anti-Facebook. MeWe believes in the Freedom of Speech and honors user privacy. They don’t have ads and fund the site through upgrades to premium accounts and add-ons to the basic free user account. MeWe has chats, groups, pages and events, MeWe started in 2016 and as of Jan. 2021 had about 15.5 million users with phenomenal growth doubling in each of the past three years. MeWe may be used via their website or Apple/Android app.

4 – Gab

Gab is like a combination of Facebook and YouTube. The main social media portion is similar to Facebook and includes groups and chats. The included GabTV is similar to YouTube and includes channels and subscriptions of favorite content. Gab also honors the Freedom of Speech. They do have sponsored ads but they are not as intrusive as the ads on Facebook. Gab built out their own infrastructure, so they can’t be cancelled by big brother tech. Gab is only accessed by the website. They do not have an app so that Apple/Android can not censor or ban it.

5 – Frank Speech

Frank Speech is a new free-speech video platform that Mike Lindell launched because YouTube was censoring and blocking any videos that strayed from the approved narratives. The platform currently runs three live streaming channels Lindell TV 1, 2 & 3 broadcasting 24/7 streams of video content including both live and previously recorded programming. Some of the original live shows appearing on Lindell TV are The Lindell Report, Brannon Howse Live, The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson, Steve Bannon’s War Room and other shows. Frank Speech my be used via their website, the FrankSpeech Roku channel or Apple/Android app. Frank Speech also has a companion social media platform Frank Social.

6 – Rumble

Rumble is a free-speech video streaming platform alternative to YouTube. It supports live-streams, channels and subscriptions as well as monetizing your videos. With Rumble you can monetize videos that do not meet YouTube’s new creator hurdles. Since going public (RUM), Rumble has been attracting top podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, The Dan Bongino Show and Russell Brand’s Stay Free as well as expanding its capabilities for content creators with acquisitions like today’s CallIn App. Rumble may be used via their website, Roku channel or Apple/Android apps.

7 – Minds

Minds is similar to Facebook with groups, chats and a crypto currency twist. It is targeted to content producers who wish to earn crypto from their posts. It has a built-in crypto token wallet that can be used to boost posts and to send or receive reward tokens. Minds+ accounts can earn tokens for posting popular content. Minds may be used via their website or Apple/Android app.

8 – Telegram

Telegram is a free-speech encrypted messaging platform that many have started to use as an alternative to Twitter. It supports groups, channels and subscriptions. Telegram has seen tremendous growth recently with over 500 million monthly active users. Telegram may be used via the website, desktop app on many operating systems or Apple/Android app.

9 – Locals

Locals is a free-speech social media platform launched by Dave Rubin. Locals is targeted to content creators who want to monetize their content. Creators can create groups (communities) that users can follow for free or subscribe to for a creator set fee. Paying subscribers have access to subscriber only content. Locals posts are limited to a whopping 15,000 characters. Locals may be used vie the website or Apple/Android app.

10 – Bit Chute

BitChute is another free-speech video streaming platform alternative to YouTube from the UK. It can be used to share videos without having to worry about YouTube censorship. As such there is a wide range of content that some may find objectionable. But it can be used to post videos and embed them into web posts or share them to social media platforms.

11 – FreeTalk45

FreeTalk 45 is a social media platform run by OAN, One America News Network. FreeTalk is also similar to the other free-speech alternatives to Twitter or Facebook. It has a post character limit similar to Twitter. FreeTalk 45 posts are limited to 260 characters, which is a bit too short compared to other free-speech platforms. It also has pages, groups and events like Facebook. FreeTalk 45 may be used via the website or Apple/Android app. The website currently appears to be a bit slower to respond than some of the other platforms.

12 – Frank Social

Frank Social Logo

Frank Social is the free speech social media platform companion to the Frank Speech video platform launched by Mike Lindell. Frank Social works similar to Twitter but without the censorship or spying. Frank Social may be accessed online via the website or through the Apple/Android apps. Buttons on the apps let you bounce back and forth between the Frank Speech video platform and the Frank Social social media platform.

13 – Instachat1

Instachat1 Logo

Instachat1 is another new free speech social media platform. Instachat1 is a combination of a social media platform with chat groups and a business directory including paid business advertising. The site includes text and video chats as well as live video broadcasting. Instachat1 is accessed online through the website.


0 – Liberty Centric

[UPDATE: Liberty Centric went from free to behind a paywall]

Liberty Centric was a free speech social media platform launched by Jake Lang, the J6 political prisoner being held in the DC Gulag. Liberty Centric works similar to Facebook, but without the censorship and spying. It has events, groups, pages, articles, photo albums and embedded videos. Liberty Centric may be used online via the website.

0 – CloutHub

[UPDATE: CloutHub began censoring and shadow banning.]

Clout Hub was like a combination of Facebook, twitter and YouTube. It has groups, meetings, videos and channels. Like twitter, the posts only allow a limited number of characters. CloutHub posts are limited to 300 characters. The platform is targeted toward users interested in connecting with others for causes or movements with channels and meetings. CloutHub may be used via the website or Apple/Android app.

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