DreamLight’s Client Project Appears on Chile TV

DreamLight’s 2D/3D animation project for McLane Research recently appeared on Chile TV. The 2D/3D animation project played on a nine-screen video wall as university researches discussed using the product on a science show.

How to Fix Can’t Edit WordPress Files

Quick Fix for One Potential Cause If You Can’t Edit WordPress Files This is a quick post of a frustrating error I ran into recently. It includes a quick fix workaround that may help if you can’t edit WordPress files. … Read More

How to Animate Waving Plants with Displacements

How to Animate Waving Plants with Displacements & Gradients in LightWave 3D’s Node Editor In this month’s blog post I’ll show how to animate waving plants with displacements. This is yet another technique that I used in the 3D animated … Read More

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