Recommended Animation Image File Types

A question I’m often asked is: “What are the recommended animation image file types?” There are many different animation image file types available depending upon which particular software you may be using to create your animation such as LightWave 3D, … Read More

How to create a waving flag with LightWave 3D ClothFX

Happy Independence Day! July 4th – Spirit of 1776 Today I’ll show you how to create a waving flag with LightWave 3D ClothFX. I used this approach to create a 3D animated greeting for Independence Day as a social media … Read More

DreamLight Constellation 2.1 – Render Missing Frames Feature Update

DreamLight Constellation 2.1 – Feature Update Commemorating DreamLight’s 30’th Anniversary We recently released our newly upgraded DreamLight® Constellation™ 2.0 network render controller for LightWave 3D to commemorate DreamLight’s 30th anniversary. We’ve now released a new requested feature update to render … Read More

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