3D CGI Animation Production Process

One of the most common questions I receive from prospective clients is: “What does the 3D CGI animation production process entail?” 3D CGI animation has become so widespread these days that people sometimes think it is a quick and simple … Read More

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 Pre-release Sale

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 – 30’th Anniversary Pre-release Sale In celebration of DreamLight’s 30’th anniversary we’re pleased to announce that our newly upgraded DreamLight Constellation 2 network render controller has entered final beta testing for an impending version 2.0 release. All … Read More

Detailing the Instance Generator for HD

Behind the Scenes Production of Director’s Cut HD version of 3D CGI Short Film – Fault Effect™ This Detailing the Instance Generator post is one in a continuing series of behind the scenes blog posts. They follow the production of … Read More

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