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Corporate Logo Update & Redesign

When the number one plumbing franchiser in the U.S. recently contracted DreamLight to update and manage their system of over 5,000 websites, it was a good opportunity for a corporate logo and branding update. We first analyzed their original decades old logo and more recent mascot to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Their vintage logo was looking a little outdated with its hand drawn figure and lettering. They had created a newer mascot more recently but it didn’t quite fit with the original figure in the logo.

DreamLight used an iterative process of design proofs and reviews to hone in on exactly what they wanted. We were able to update and strengthen the mascot and redesign the logo to integrate the updated mascot with more balanced and modern lettering. We then created a system of branding elements consisting of the new combined logo, a solo logotype, updated mascot and newly designed patch/decal. These new branding elements could then be used to update and strengthen the branding on all the franchise websites and trucks across the U.S. and Canada.

Corporate Logo Redesign and Branding Update


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“Outstanding job! Mike redesigned our long standing logo to modernize it while retaining and leveraging its best qualities. He designed a system of branding elements to take us to a whole new level with our brand.”

– Donald M., Founder & CEO, Rooterman

Corporate Logo Redesign & Branding Elements on Van

DreamLight can Redesign your Corporate Logo and Update your Brand for all your Digital Marketing Multimedia Needs

Whether you’re updating your website or marketing campaigns a corporate logo redesign and branding update may be in order. DreamLight can work with you to identify the strong points of your current logo and branding. We can then work closely with your marketing team. We can redesign, update and improve your logo and branding elements to strengthen your overall brand.

Contact us for more information about a corporate logo redesign and branding update or to explore your specific needs.

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  1. Darrell kiel
    | Reply

    hi looking for van decals for rooterman.
    spaces 25in x 17 for 2
    spaces 30in x 10 for 2
    space33in by 4
    its for a dodge grand caravan2017

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