DreamLight Constellation 2.0 Upgrade Announcement

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 Pre-release Sale

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 – 30’th Anniversary Pre-release Sale

In celebration of DreamLight’s 30’th anniversary we’re pleased to announce that our newly upgraded DreamLight Constellation 2 network render controller has entered final beta testing for an impending version 2.0 release. All DreamLight Constellation version 1 registered users are eligible to participate in the beta test.

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 New Modern Technology Foundation

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 has been completely rewritten from the ground up. While version 1 was originally developed in the proprietary LiveCode IDE this new version 2.0 has been completely rewritten in Node.js JavaScript and developed using Electron and Facebook’s React to leverage more mainstream modern technologies available for desktop, web and mobile application development. This new modern foundation will allow more rapid updates and more advanced future development. Embracing these new standard technologies also enables us to apply them to our interactive web and application development for our client services as well.

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 New Features

In addition to our famous “drag and drop dead easy network rendering” that we implemented with DreamLight Constellation 1 and DLI_SNUB-Launcher, this new DreamLight Constellation 2.0 version adds a few new features on top of the entirely new modern foundation.

We’ve revamped our ScreamerNet LWSN communication stack to add more robustness to LightWave 3D cross-platform network rendering. This is particularly useful to help circumvent the typical SMB network cache issues that often derail Windows renders where LWSN reports “ignoring duplicate command” errors. In such cases LWSN is not reading a duplicate command from the network controller. It’s re-reading the previous command from the SMB network cache. In DreamLight Constellation version 1 we had implemented a 30 second delay between LWSN commands to allow the SMB cache to clear between commands for Windows render nodes. This had a negative performance impact on Windows network rendering that was most noticeable when rendering scenes where frames only took a minute or so each. The more robust LWSN communications handling in version 2.0 allows most such errors to automatically correct themselves. We’ve also made the ScreamerNet Throttle setting user adjustable in the preferences panel for further network tuning.

The main GUI interface window is now fully resizable including support for full screen mode. The scene queue reports more rendering information including elapsed time, average time per frame, estimated remaining time and estimated time of completion. And when scenes complete rendering system notifications are sent to the host operating system’s notification manager to provide more user feedback.

The more modern and flexible foundation will allow more frequent and advanced updates going forward.

DreamLight Constellation 2.0 Pre-release Sale!

For a limited time only, any new purchases of DreamLight Constellation version 1 licenses will automatically be eligible for a free upgrade to version 2.0 when released. All pre-release sales lock in the current prices and allow you to purchase version 2.0 licenses at the current version 1.0 prices. This pre-release offer is valid until the official 2.0 release at which time the license prices will be increasing. Final 2.0 license pricing has not yet been determined.

So go grab your copy today!

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