35+ Years of Award-winning Multimedia 1987-2022

DreamLight is Proud to Celebrate 35 Years of Creating Award-winning Multimedia and Looking Forward to Many More

This month we are proud to celebrate 35 years of creating award-winning multimedia, including design, illustration, animation, interactive multimedia and web development.

DreamLight was founded 35 years ago on April 9th, 1987 by Michael Scaramozzino. After studying computer science at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and graduating with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) he launched the digital multimedia studio in Providence Rhode Island to fuse the art and science of computer graphics. This was back at the beginning of the desktop publishing wave as the black and white Apple Macintosh Plus exploded on the scene. After serving as the acting director of RISD’s academic computer center and then the VP of software development for a small computer consulting company, Michael launched the digital studio in an adjoining storeroom.

Lucid Beginnings

That first small studio may be seen reflected in Michael’s early classic hybrid vector/raster illustration of a self-portrait reflected in a crystal ball – Lucid Beginnings. He created this PostScript illustration in a pre-release version of Aldus FreeHand on a B&W, one megabyte Macintosh Plus. Michael wrote a chapter about the creation of this illustration in The Verbum Book of PostScript Illustration. The illustration was exhibited internationally and widely published over the years in various publications including the following: Verbum magazine, QUE’s Macintosh Multimedia Handbook, Illustrator 7 Studio Secrets and MacArtist. This commemorative DreamLight Classic illustration is also available on posters and merchandise.

After moving DreamLight to the greater Boston area in 1995, Michael Scaramozzino appeared with his early DreamLight Classic Lucid Beginnings illustration along with other projects on Boston’s ABC affiliate TV5’s Cutting Edge. He was also featured with his 2D FreeHand Javelin Thrower and 3D Bose Auto illustrations in a Macromedia ad campaign – How to Make it in Design.

Awards & Publications - Macromedia Ad - Scaramozzino - How To Make It In Design.


For the past thirty five years DreamLight’s been creating award-winning computer graphics for a wide range of clients from local small businesses to international fortune 500 corporations.

We are looking forward to many more years to come.

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