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How to Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X

How to Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X Using the Bitnami SuiteCRM Stack

This month we’ll go over how to install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X. We’ve been long time users of MarketCircle’s Daylite on Mac OS X. It was a pretty good CRM (Client Relationship Manager) for MacOS. Unfortunately they have discontinued their standalone version and moved to a cloud based subscription only service. SasS (Software as a Service) cloud based subscriptions are great for the software vendor in order to provide them with steady income and control. SasS can also be useful for many users. But personally I’m not a fan of SaaS cloud based subscriptions as a user for a wide variety of reasons including the following:

  • Increased costs
  • Loss of control of upgrade schedule
  • Loss of control of data
  • Potential data security issues
  • Loss of access without subscription or Internet access
  • Loss of access for older data or versions
  • Loss of access if company discontinues service, is bought out or goes out of business

So we’re in the process of moving to one of the most popular free open source CRM systems – SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is a web server application much like WordPress. You may run it on an external website or install it on an internal local website on a variety of operating systems including MacOS. While you can install it directly from the SuiteCRM Download page, there’s a much easier way. Bitnami offers a wide variety of completely self-contained software stacks including one for SuiteCRM. So let’s get to it and see how to install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X using the Bitnami stack installer. It’s as easy as 1. 2. 3. with simple drag-and-drop on MacOS.

Download the Bitnami SuiteCRM Stack Installer

First download the Bitnami SuiteCRM Stack installer for Mac OS X.

Download from Bitnami to Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS XAfter downloading software it’s a good idea to check the checksum to make sure the download has not been tampered with. Click on the Checksum link to display the checksum. Then run Terminal. Type md5 and drag the downloaded Bitnami SuiteCRM installer to the terminal and hit return. Then compare the MD5 checksum displayed in Terminal to the MD5 checksum displayed on the download page.

Open the Bitnami SuiteCRM Disk Image

Double-click the Bitnami SuiteCRM disk image to mount the disk image.

Download Bitnami SuiteCRM Mac OS X Installer

Drag and Drop to Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X

Simply drag the Suitecrm icon to the Application folder to install it, like most Mac software.

Drag and Drop Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X

Double-click to Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X

Double-click the Suitecrm icon in the Application folder to launch.

Double-click to Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X

Start the SuiteCRM Servers

Click the Start button on the Bitnami SuiteCRM control panel.

Start Bitnami SuiteCRM Server

Once the SuiteCRM servers finish loading the Status indicator will turn green and a local IP Address will be displayed.Bitnami SuiteCRM Started

Launch the SuiteCRM Web Application

Click the Go to Application button to launch the SuiteCRM web application in your default web browser.

SuiteCRM Go to Application

Open the Bitnami SuiteCRM Management Page

The first time you run SuiteCRM click on the Bitnami Manage icon in the lower right corner.

Bitnami SuiteCRM Manage Button

SuiteCRM Default Username and Password

The Bitnami SuiteCRM management page displays the default username and password for your first login. Click the Login link to auto-fill the login fields with these default values. Don’t forget to change the username and password after you’ve logged in for the first time.

Bitnami SuiteCRM Management

Log in to SuiteCRM

Click the Log In button to log into SuiteCRM for the first time.

SuiteCRM Login

Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X – Success!

The SuiteCRM Dashboard page opens. Success!

Now that you know how to install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X stay tuned for a future blog post where we’ll show how to export data from Daylite and import it into SuiteCRM.Install SuiteCRM on Mac OS X - Success - SuiteCRM Dashboard

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    Can anyone help me to access to Bitnami to get access to admin please

    • Sorry, I don’t have any additional contacts there than you’d have access to from their website.

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