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3D Animated Product Video with 2D Motion Graphics for McLane Research Labs


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“We were very happy with the resulting animation.
The Animation was a HUGE hit.  Thank you so much!”

– Yuki Honjo, Chief Operating Officer, McLane Research Laboratories


“We’re very happy with the production quality and ease of working with you. The video summarizes the operation of a quite complex system very well.  We’ve got it linked on our website and routinely have it running at all our trade shows. The video even made it to a TV broadcast on a science show in Chile!  Thanks again. We’re looking forward to our next project.”

– Tim S., Engineering Manager, McLane Research

When McLane Research Laboratories needed a product demo video for an upcoming trade-show they turned to DreamLight. We developed and created a 3D animated product video with 2D motion graphics to introduce the product to their potential customers. We worked closely with their engineering department to import their existing Solidworks 3D files into our 3D animation pipeline. We refined, textured, lighted, animated and rendered the 3D model of their product for use in the 3D animated product video. We also used a combination of 2D animated stock photographs, 2D animated illustrations and 2D motion graphics along with a professional voice-over to describe how the product works and introduce it’s many features and benefits.

3D Animated Product Video Storyboard3D Storyboard and Project Development

The client provided us with a rough outline of what they were looking for in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that they had been using. We took that as a starting point and further developed it into a more detailed step-by-step animation storyboard. We worked with their marketing team and updated the storyboard with changes as the 3D models were built and 2D illustrations were developed throughout the entire process of creating the 3D animated product video with 2D motion graphics.

3D Animated Product Video with 2D Motion Graphics

This 3D Animated Product Video with 2D Motion Graphics Appeared on Chile TV

DreamLight’s 2D/3D animation project for McLane Research recently appeared on Chile TV. The 2D/3D animation project played on a nine-screen video wall as university researches discussed using the product on a science show.

DreamLight Can Create a 3D Animated Product Video for Your Next Project

Whether you need to demonstrate how your products function, their features and benefits, or you need to convey a complicated process or procedure, DreamLight can work closely with your marketing and product teams to create a 3D animated product video with 2D motion graphics that will elevate your sales and marketing efforts to a whole new level. So don’t settle for using static PowerPoint presentations to market your products when you could be using 3D animated product videos instead.

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