Photorealistic 3D Set Studies – 2K’s Web Adventure

This series of 3D architectural interior character sets is a DreamLight classic project from 1997. We were testing the state of the art hardware/software capabilities that were available for 3D character animation at that time. We created a series of studies using one of our early 3D characters named 2K in a variety of 3D photorealistic scenes and sets. The original 2K character was specifically designed with disconnected floating parts to facilitate 3D interactive animation. We also included other characters, props and imagery from a variety of previous DreamLight projects that we had done over the years. In addition to exploring 3D architectural interior character sets we also used the completed photorealistic renders as section header images for the DreamLight® WebSite at the time in a web site update to celebrate DreamLight’s 10th anniversary.

We created the 3D models for these studies in Form-Z and textured/rendered the images in Electric Image Animation System (EIAS). The high resolution renders of 2K’s Web Adventure are also available on a variety of merchandise including prints, mousepads, mugs, T-shirts and hats.

3D Architectural Interior Character Sets - 2K's Gallery

2K’s Gallery

In this 3D architectural interior character set study we placed 2K in a gallery that showed various samples of DreamLight’s award-winning work including the Bose car, the FreeHand Javelin Thrower, the KeyQuest CyberCruiser, and the KeyQuest character named Digit. 2K is seen playing KeyQuest on a multi-monitor kiosk in the gallery.

3D Architectural Interior Character Sets - 2K's Library

2K’s Library

In this 3D architectural interior character set study we placed 2K in a library setting. 2K is seen reading a DreamLight Insight behind the scenes case study of our award-winning 3D interactive multimedia edutainment project, KeyQuest – A Typing Adventure.

3D Architectural Interior Character Sets - 2K's WebShop

2K’s WebShop

In this 3D architectural interior character set study we placed 2K in a DreamLight WebShop stocked with some of our software products including our award-winning game DreamLight Verttice™ and various software utilities including DreamLight RAMLight™, DreamLight AlphaBits™ and DreamLight PixelPalettes™. Additional models seen in the image include the Digit character from KeyQuest.

3D Architectural Interior Character Sets - 2K's DreamLight 10th Anniversary Party

2K’s DreamLight 10th Anniversary

In this 3D architectural interior character set study we created an image of 2K at DreamLight’s 10th anniversary party. This was a closeup study of various party props including balloons, ribbons, cups, plates, plastic utensils and the focus of the image is a birthday cake complete with ten lighted birthday candles.

3D Architectural Interior Character Sets

Whether you need straight 3D CGI Architectural Visualization Interiors to show architectural settings or 3D Architectural Interior sets for use in 3D character animation, DreamLight can bring these architectural interiors to life.

For more information about 3D architectural interior character sets or to discuss your particular architectural visualization needs please contact us today!

DreamLight Constellation Network Render Controller

DreamLight Constellation 3D Icon LogoDreamLight® Constellation is our cross-platform network render controller that combined with DLI_SNUB-Launcher™ makes configuring, launching and controlling LightWave 3D ScreamerNet LWSN for standalone, batch, network and internet rendering, drag-and-drop-dead-easy™.

Created by Michael Scaramozzino - LightWave 3D Artist Profile
Author of Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short & Mastering LightWave ScreamerNet

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