3D CGI Architectural Visualization Illustration for an Interactive Multimedia Product Showcase Web Application

Elk Corporation, needed a series of 3D CGI Architectural Visualization Illustrations showing what their line of premium roofing products would look like on actual homes. They needed these images for use in an interactive multimedia web application to showcase their products. Elk provided DreamLight with a photograph of an existing home along with samples of their architectural products. We built a complete 3D model replica of the home to scale. We then designed custom surfaces, materials and textures to represent the different roofing colors and styles as well as different siding and trim colors. Next DreamLight rendered the house with each different product texture. We then generated a series of 3D renders of the various color combinations for use in the interactive multimedia product selection application.

3D CGI Architectural Visualization Illustration - 3D House, Site Photo Background Composite - 3D WireframeDreamLight composited the finished renders of the 3D house model back into the original 2D photograph of the site to create seamless digital illustrations. We created foreground and background plates from the original photograph that we used to sandwich the 3D render between. We used shadow casting plates with cutouts of the trees and shrubs from the original photograph to cast realistic 3D shadows onto the 3D house renders. This helps merge the 3D CGI rendered portions of the image into the 2D photographic portions for a more convincing photorealistic effect.

Whether you need 3D CGI Architectural Visualization Illustration to show architectural products or architectural building designs, DreamLight can bring your products or designs to life. We can build and render 3D models and then seamlessly composite the 3D renderings into actual site photographs for the ultimate in architectural realism.

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DreamLight Constellation Network Render Controller

DreamLight Constellation 3D Icon LogoDreamLight® Constellation is our cross-platform network render controller that combined with DLI_SNUB-Launcher™ makes configuring, launching and controlling LightWave 3D ScreamerNet LWSN for standalone, batch, network and internet rendering, drag-and-drop-dead-easy™.

Created by Michael Scaramozzino - LightWave 3D Artist Profile
Author of Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short & Mastering LightWave ScreamerNet

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  • Project Type: 3D CGI Architectural Visualization Illustration
  • Skills Used: 3D Modeling - modo, 3D Texturing + 3D Rendering - LightWave 3D, Photo Compositing - Adobe Photoshop
  • Client: Elk Corporation