A 3D CGI Cutaway Product Animation + Illustration Project for Kidde Fenwal

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Kidde Fenwal needed 3D CGI cutaway product animation + illustration to show the inner-workings of their explosion suppression product. They had a simple PowerPoint presentation that they used to describe how their  device operated, but the PowerPoint presentation fell short of their expectations. They gave DreamLight the PowerPoint presentation along with a physical prototype and engineering drawings of the device. We built a 3D virtual model of the device using 3D subpatch modeling and created 3D CGI cutaway product animation + illustrations that described how the device functioned in a much more engaging and effective manner than the simple PowerPoint presentation that they had previously used.

We also created high resolution 3D product renderings that could be used for marketing and print collateral from the same models and animation scenes. This is an excellent way to leverage the work from any 3D CGI product animation project across multiple media formats and uses.

3D CGI Cutaway Product Animation + Illustration

DreamLight can import 3D engineering files from common 2D and 3D CAD systems such as SolidWorks, or we can create 3D models completely from scratch. For this project we created 3D models from scratch using seamless subpatch modeling based on measurements taken from an actual disassembled product prototype as well as from 2D engineering drawings.

3D CGI Cutaway Product Animation + Illustration - 3D Seamless Subpatch Modeling - Wireframe DetailsWhether you need 3D CGI cutaway product animation + illustration to upgrade from existing PowerPoint presentations or to help elevate your sales and marketing efforts to a whole new level, DreamLight can create 3D CGI cutaway product animation + illustration for use anywhere from the Web to commercial TV broadcast.

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  • Project Type: 3D CGI Cutaway Product Animation + Illustration
  • Skills Used: 3D Subpatch Modeling - modo, 3D Texturing + 3D Animation + 3D Rendering - LightWave 3D, 2D Motion Graphics + 3D Video Compositing - Apple Motion, Video Editing - Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Client: Kidde Fenwal