3D Character Design and Animation - 3D CGI Short Film - Fault Effect

3D Character Animation in 3D CGI Short Film – Fault Effect™ The Autiton Archives™ Preliminary Pilot Webisode

Above is the standard resolution preliminary version of Fault Effect, the pilot webisode of The Autiton Archives. This initial version was produced for our book Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short, The Making of The Autiton Archives, Fault Effect – Pilot Webisode. We are planning to resume production on the full HD version of the CGI short for release in 2017 to mark DreamLight’s 30th anniversary. Stay tuned!

3D Character Animation Lip Sync Parody

Before we launched into the full production of this short film we first created a 3D animated lip sync study to test out the character’s lip sync and acting abilities using Morph Mixer in LightWave 3D. We created a parody of the character performing lines from the movie Night Shift – “Tuna Fish”. Enjoy!

Series Synopsis

The Autiton Archives: 3D Animated Web Series – The adventures of anomalous Autiton units NineOh & ThreeBeDee who dare to escape the status quo and set out through the fantastic digital realms of cyberspace on an epic quest of discovery seeking freedom.

Deep in the hidden depths of cyberspace a vast lattice of instance generators creates an endless stream of software automatons known as Autitons. These Autiton utility units toil away at various mundane tasks for the duration of their functional lives, until an aberrant input causes a disruption that spawns an anomalous Autiton unit, NineOh [0090], imbuing him with the curiosity to dare to ask “Why?” NineOh’s innocent audacity however threatens to upset the status quo carefully being perpetuated by the evil Autiton malware unit TetraZero [0000].

NineOh befriends a fellow irregular Autiton unit, ThreeBeDee [03BD], and this pair of misfit Autitons enlists the aid of a heroic Autiton security unit, BuSeeDo [BCD0], an old magical Autiton programming unit, SeeFu [CF00], and an enchanting Autiton repair unit, SevenE [007E]. Pursued by TetraZero and his evil minions, the Nazers, this intrepid group of Autitons sets out through the extraordinary digital worlds of cyberspace on a quest for answers and freedom.

Peek Behind the Scenes of the 3D Character Design and Animation of this 3D CGI Short Film

3D Character Design - 0090 v3 - 3D Character Texture Render Study - 3D character animation in 3D CGI short film

This blog post: 3D Character Design and Animation – Desktop Evolution gives you a behind the scenes peek of the 3D character design and animation of 0090, the main character for the series.

For a Deep Dive Behind the Scenes Read The Whole Book: Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short

Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short - The Making of The Autiton Archives - Fault Effect - Pilot Webisode, Book on Amazon.comCreating a 3D Animated CGI Short, The Making of The Autiton Archives, Fault Effect – Pilot Webisode is over 500 pages chock full of detailed examples and insights from the production of the 3D animated CGI short film – Fault Effect.

This comprehensive book also includes a companion CD-ROM with full color high resolution images from the book as well as many animated samples along with two of my full 3D animated CGI short films, Fault Effect™ and the award winning BlastOff!™ which screened at over 15 US and international film festivals.

This book is available on Amazon.com where you may browse it online.

DreamLight Constellation Network Render Controller

DreamLight Constellation 3D Icon LogoDreamLight® Constellation is our cross-platform network render controller that combined with DLI_SNUB-Launcher™ makes configuring, launching and controlling LightWave 3D ScreamerNet LWSN for standalone, batch, network and internet rendering, drag-and-drop-dead-easy™.

Created by Michael Scaramozzino - LightWave 3D Artist Profile
Author of Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short & Mastering LightWave ScreamerNet

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