3D Character Design, Full Character Animaton & Lip Sync Animation

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“DreamLight has far exceeded our expectations during every stage of engagement producing a 3D character animation that nails the objectives of the project’s concept and quality directives. The extraordinary creative abilities of DreamLight offered an enjoyable and productive process that developed the final product well beyond the concepts offered during the initial stages of the project.”

– President/CEO, MLMC

MLMC wanted to develop a couple of 3D animated characters to introduce, brand and promote their new clean energy technology, Enviro-fuelcubes®. They turned to DreamLight to design the characters and produce a one minute 3D character animation that could be used for web promotions as well as TV commercials.

Main 3D Animated Characters - Les Fossil & Nota Waste
Main 3D Animated Characters – Les Fossil & Nota Waste introducing Enviro-fuelcubes®

3D Character Design & Development

We first designed the main 3D character couple, Les Fossil and Nota Waste. We proceeded through an iterative series of proposed 2D sketches exploring various directions until the client was satisfied with the design. We then created 3D models of the characters, textured, rigged, posed and rendered them. We created 3D characters for use in web, print and billboard advertisements. We even created special watertight versions of the 3D models. These were useful for the 3D printing of plastic character figurines. Full-size fiberglass statues were even created for use in additional advertising and marketing opportunities.

3D Character Design - Les Fossil
3D Character Design – Les Fossil – From initial 2D sketch development, through 3D modeling, to final textured 3D render.

3D Animation Storyboarding

We then conducted another iterative process to develop a storyboard and script to help refine their initial rough concept into a more detailed format suitable for 3D character animation. Starting with a 2D sketch based storyboard we progressively update it with 3D stills as sets were created and characters were posed for each shot. Once the initial storyboard and script were approved we proceeded to building the sets and props (creating some items from scratch and customizing some 3D stock models). We then rigged the characters for 3D character animation. We finally textured and lit the sets and animated the individual shots.

Initial 2D sketched storyboard
Initial 2D sketched storyboard
Updated 3D rendered storyboard
Updated 3D rendered storyboard

3D Character Animation Rigging

We created a fully articulated rig for each of the 3D animated characters. We used a hierarchy of bones to deform the 3D character mesh in concert with a full set of morph maps for facial animation and accurate lip syncing. Easily selected controls are connected to banks of sliders that enable detailed manipulation of all parts of the characters for the animators to create the 3D character animation.

3D Character Animation Rig for Les Fossil in LightWave 3D
3D Character Animation Rig for Les Fossil in LightWave 3D

3D Animated Commercial Production

We then created special effects for the 3D dynamic particle system and 3D smoke effects that would be needed. We recorded and synchronized all the sound effects, had original music scored and recorded as well as animated the lip sync to the lines of dialog along with the 3D character animation. We rendered all the shots out to HD1080p resolution at 24 fps, composited them in Apple Motion and edited the final video together in Apple Final Cut Pro.

Still renders from the 3D animated spot
Still renders from the 3D animated spot featuring Les Fossil, Nota Waste and Mr. Greener

Whether you need a 3D character designed to help brand your products or 3D character animation to introduce your products or services to your customers, DreamLight can work closely with your marketing team to design characters and create animation that will breathe new life into all your sales and marketing efforts on the Web, digital presentations, TV or film.

For more information about 3D character animation, 3D character design or 3D character illustration or to discuss your specific needs please contact us today!

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