3D Medical Device Illustration of Arterial Catheters and Advanced Fiber Optics

Boston Scientific needed 3D Medical Device Illustrations for their line of medical products from arterial catheters to advanced fiber optics. DreamLight worked closely with their marketing and advertising agency on a series of high resolution 3D product illustrations and 3D conceptual illustrations. We created illustrations for an international advertising campaign as well as for marketing collateral materials.

Whether you need 3D medical device illustration or animation for an existing medical product or a product prototype under development, DreamLight can deliver. We create 3D medical device illustration and animation that brings your product to life utilizing the latest photorealistic 3D rendering techniques. DreamLight works closely with your marketing and product development teams to help develop and refine your project’s requirements within your desired budget. We proceed through an iterative design process, progressing from initial sketches through approvals and revisions to final renders. We create 3D medical device illustration and animation that can elevate your sales and marketing efforts to stand above your competition.

We can create highly realistic 3D models of your medical devices by working from photographs, 2D plans and sample or prototype units or we can work with your engineering department’s 3D CAD files from product design systems such as SolidWorks. We can highlight specific features and benefits of your products or show them in operation during simulated medical procedures. We can create highly realistic technical illustrations or more abstract conceptual illustrations tailored to your specific marketing needs. We create 3D medical device illustration and animation for use in a wide range of media including; Web, interactive multimedia presentations, mobil apps, print advertisements, brochures, product specification sheets, trade show graphics, billboards, broadcast TV commercials or film.

For more information about 3D Medical Device Illustration and Animation or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us today!

DreamLight Constellation Network Render Controller

DreamLight Constellation 3D Icon LogoDreamLight® Constellation is our cross-platform network render controller that combined with DLI_SNUB-Launcher™ makes configuring, launching and controlling LightWave 3D ScreamerNet LWSN for standalone, batch, network and internet rendering, drag-and-drop-dead-easy™.

Created by Michael Scaramozzino - LightWave 3D Artist Profile
Author of Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short & Mastering LightWave ScreamerNet

DreamLight wrote the book: Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short. See what we can do for you.