3D Medical Device Illustration - Cerebral Shunt

Rush Job – 3D Medical Device Illustration Series for a Critical Client Presentation


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“Mike was able to work over the weekend and deliver renderings for a time-critical project. It was easy to communicate with Mike and he understood our needs very well.”

– Deep Singh, VP of Operations and Product Development, Alcyone Lifesciences

Alcyone Lifesciences had a critical presentation deadline looming when their previous 3D artist was unable to complete a 3D medical device illustration series that they required for the presentation. They turned to DreamLight to step in at the last minute. We would need to create a set of six high resolution 3D medical device illustrations that would clearly demonstrate the key features and benefits of their new cerebral shunt devices as a rush job over the weekend. We took the existing 3D models from their previous 3D artist and imported them into our system to use as a starting point. From there we modified the existing models and created new 3D models of their new medical devices based on 3D engineering files they exported from SolidWorks. We then brought the completed 3D medical device models into LightWave 3D where we added textures and lighting and we created high resolution renders. We worked around the clock through the weekend completing client changes right up to the Monday morning deadline.

DreamLight Can Create 3D Medical Device Illustration and Animation for all your Marketing and Other Needs

Whether you need to demonstrate how your 3D medical device products function, their features and benefits, or you need to convey a complicated medical process or procedure, DreamLight can work closely with your marketing, product and/or training teams to create 3D medical device illustrations using high resolution 3D rendering for use on the web, trade show graphics, marketing materials, investor meetings, training or white paper publications, or whatever else you may need.

DreamLight can also leverage 3D medical device illustration projects to create 3D medical animation, such as this sample of a coronary stent deployment procedure. Please see our online portfolio for additional samples of product, medical and other types of illustration and animation.

Contact us for more information about 3D medical device illustration or to explore your specific needs.

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