3D Pharmaceutical Cell Microbiology Animation of Drug Penetrating Cell Membrane

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Cubist Pharmaceuticals needed a 3D pharmaceutical cell microbiology animation to show the suspected mode of action (MOA) of their super drug. They needed a 3D animation showing the drug penetrating a bacterial cell membrane. DreamLight worked closely with the marketing department and the biochemical engineers to visually interpret the technical details in a visually pleasing and compelling manner. We used a dynamic 3D particle system to simulate how the drug molecules attach to and penetrate a bacterial cell membrane. The drug molecules then create an ion channel through the cell membrane. As ions escape from the cell it leads to the bacteria’s depolarization and subsequent death. We designed the 3D cell animation with a stylized graphic treatment rather than a photorealistic look in order to conform with a series of graphic illustrations used in previous marketing materials.

Whether you need a 3D animation showing the inner world of atoms, molecules or cells, DreamLight can work closely with your marketing, product, bioengineering or medical teams to create 3D pharmaceutical cell microbiology animation. We can bring this fascinating microscopic world to life for all your sales and marketing efforts. We can create 3D animation specifically formatted for use on the Web, digital presentations, TV or film. We can also create high resolution still renders from the 3D animation to leverage the content across a wide range of print media and collateral materials.

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Created by Michael Scaramozzino - LightWave 3D Artist Profile
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  • Project Type: 3D Pharmaceutical Cell Microbiology Animation
  • Skills Used: 3D Modeling + 3D Particle Simulation + 3D Animation + 3D Rendering - LightWave 3D, Video Editing - Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Client: Cubist Pharmaceuticals