3D Product Illustration and Technology Animation of Large-scale Security Scanning Devices for AS&E


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– Marketing Specialist, AS&E

“Great job of interpreting what we wanted with very little input. Thanks for the quick turnaround. We hope to expand on this and do additional projects in the future.”

– Marketing Manager, AS&E

AS&E, American Science and Engineering, needed 3D product illustration and technology animation to show 3D prototypes of their latest X-ray scanning devices in operation within a shipping port. DreamLight worked directly with AS&E’s in-house marketing and engineering departments to bring their SolidWorks models into our animation software where we placed them into a 3D virtual scene of a shipping port. We then generated a complete series of photorealistic renderings for 3D product illustration and technology animation of the various large-scale devices throughout the port from multiple camera angles.

DreamLight also created 3D product animations showing the large-format truck scanning devices in operation. We even created additional 3D technology demo animations to explain how the technology behind the X-ray devices works. AS&E had previously been using a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate how their X-ray technology worked. We were able to create a technology demo animation that explained the technology in a more engaging manner using 3D animation and 2D motion graphics to fit within their specified budget.

NOTE: If you have a fast Internet connection you may change the video setting to HD.

Whether you need 3D product illustration and technology animation to supplement traditional PowerPoint sales presentations on the Web, or full blown 3D animation for commercial TV broadcast, DreamLight can bring your products, prototypes and technology demonstrations to life.

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  • Project Type: 3D Product Illustration and Technology Animation
  • Skills Used: 3D Modeling - modo, 3D Texturing + 3D Rendering + 3D Animation - LightWave 3D, Image Compositing - Adobe Photoshop, 2D Motion Graphics + Video Compositing - Apple Motion, Video Editing - Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Client: AS&E - American Science & Engineering