Digital Medical Illustration for Print Brochure & Doctor-Patient Flip Chart


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– Marketing Director, Merit Medical

BioSphere/Merit Medical needed a stylized digital medical illustration for a large format print brochure along with a series of digital medical illustrations to demonstrate a complicated multi-step medical procedure for a patient-doctor flip chart. They needed to describe the multi-step procedure in a manner that was both understandable and approachable for the patient. DreamLight worked closely with the medical device manufacturer’s marketing director and lead physician. We proceeded through an iterative process of progressively refining the initial rough sketches into the final illustrations. We created a series of digital medical illustrations that clearly presented the various steps in the embolics deployment procedure. We created the digital medical illustrations using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator at a high resolution for excellent reproduction in the print brochure and the step-by-step patient-doctor flip charts. In addition to 2D digital medical illustration DreamLight can also create 3D medical illustration and 3D medical animation, such as this sample of a coronary stent deployment procedure. Please see our online portfolio for additional samples of medical and other types of illustration and animation.

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