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Repeat Customer Hires DreamLight to Create New Website Design & Corporate Re-Branding for Radiation Center of Greater Nashua

After DreamLight had previously created an award-winning new website for Agility Orthopedics, their executive director hired DreamLight again when he moved to a new organization, Radiation Center of Greater Nashua. His new organization had an aging website and brand identity. DreamLight created a corporate re-branding and a new website design with customized WordPress development to help him boost the growing Radiation Center’s online presence to a higher level of sophistication.

We also carried the newly created corporate re-branding from the digital website into the physical world with a newly designed, 21 page, printed patient guide, which will be featured in a subsequent DreamLight portfolio page. Stay tuned.

DreamLight also provides hosting and WordPress website management on a continuing basis for all our customer websites. When DreamLight designs a new website for you, it comes bundled with hosting and a professional web manager to take the ongoing maintenance, management and update burden off your shoulders.


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As I transitioned to the Radiation Center of Greater Nashua and needed to re-brand the organization I knew to call Mike at DreamLight.  Mike did exceptional work with me at Agility Orthopedics and I did not hesitate to call again.  The results of the new website and branding has drawn great reviews from the Board and our partnering hospital marketing departments. Thanks again for strong work.

Andrew D., Executive Director, Radiation Center of Greater Nashua

WordPress Website Development

Logo & Brand Update for a New Website Design

A corporate logo and overall branding serve as the cornerstone upon which all visual communications, including websites, are built. A website redesign project is often an opportune time to evaluate, update and strengthen a corporate logo and overall brand design in order to fortify the visual communications foundation for the entire company. So we often begin any website design project by first evaluating any existing corporate logo to see if a logo redesign or new logo design may be in order.

1. Analyzing & Refining the Client’s Existing Corporate Logo

In this project, we began with the best version of the client’s logo that they had available which was a medium resolution bitmapped image of the Radiation Center logo as used on their legacy website.The logo had originally been professionally designed, but they didn’t have any vector files available or any information about the logo such as typeface or color specifications or any other overall brand guidelines.
Radiation Center of Greater Nashua Vertical Logo LockupDreamLight analyzed the bitmapped image of the original logo. We identified the logotype font used as Trade Gothic LH Bold Extended that had been manually scaled to 115% width. We also determined the closest Pantone colors to those used in the original bitmapped logo and determined the comparative color specifications in sRGB and CMYK colorspaces for use both on the web and in print materials

2. Updating & Extending the Logo and Branding

After analyzing the existing bitmapped logo image, we then created a brand new vector version of the logo that could be used as the basis to update their corporate branding for the website and beyond. Once we created a vector version of the vertical centered logo lockup, we then expanded the branding by designing a companion horizontal left justified logo lockup. This would allow better use of the space available in a website header banner while allowing the smaller type in the logo to remain legible on smaller screens.

One area that the client wanted to improve upon from their legacy website and older collateral material designs was that they made heavy use of the bright magenta, orange and yellow from the logo. While fine for limited use, those bright colors tended to be too overpowering when used throughout. We therefore selected a complimentary set of blue color shades to serve as the primary colors for the new branding foundation and would limit the brighter logo colors for use as selective highlights. We designed a new cohesive branding color palette by extending the primary logo colors with tints and shades along with adding a new wider range of complimentary blue tints and shades to serve as a more conservative color foundation.

3. Building a New Website Design on the Updated Corporate Branding Foundation

Once we had the new logos and color palette completed, we created the new website design on the solid new branding foundation. We started with a base WordPress theme that we customized to implement the new branding guidelines.

Side by Side Comparison of New Website Design and Old Website Design

Responsive Website Design for Mobile to Desktop

Responsive Website Development

DreamLight custom tailors the responsive design of each website project. This provides the best results on a wide variety of platforms from large screen desktops to laptop and mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Responsive design means that the layout and design automatically reflow to fit any available screen size. We start with a Mobile First or Desktop First design depending upon the primary target audience. We custom design key screen width ranges to encompass smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop screen sizes, including high resolution Retina type displays.

Custom WordPress Child Theme Leverages Base Theme for New Website Design

DreamLight Kadence Custom Child Theme

For each of our custom or customized website designs, DreamLight builds a custom child theme for each site that enables us to leverage an underlying WordPress base theme. A child theme allows us to extend the existing functionality and design of the base theme while designing and developing a customized website for the client. This lets us keep the overall budget lower than developing a fully custom website from scratch would require. Keeping our custom changes in the child theme allows us to install base theme updates without disrupting the custom changes we have made. With our included website management, we monitor and test the site after WordPress, base theme and plugin updates and make any necessary changes to the child theme to keep the site functioning at top performance.

Custom SCSS/CSS, PHP & JavaScript Programming

Radiation Center SCSS/CSS Developer Tools

DreamLight creates custom SCSS/CSS, PHP and JavaScript programming to modify a base theme’s design and functionality where necessary by creating a custom child theme. Isolating our programming changes in a custom child theme allows updates to WordPress, base theme and plugins with minimal disruption to the website.

Hosting and Webmaster Services Including WordPress & Server Management

Wordpress Backend

Responsive Website Development

DreamLight provides web hosting, WordPress website management and web server management on a continuing basis for all our customer websites. When DreamLight designs a new website for you, it comes bundled with hosting and a professional web manager to take the the burden of ongoing maintenance, management and updates off your shoulders. We monitor the site and install updates. We test and update the child theme when necessary due to WordPress, plugin or base theme updates that may break the site. We install and monitor security and SEO plugins to help keep your site operating at peak performance.

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Winner 2019 iNOVA AWARD - Excellence in Corporate WebsitesWhether you need a brand new website for your company or you need to update an existing website, DreamLight can deliver an award-winning website to bring your online presence to the next level. We offer a wide variety of custom tailored web solutions. These range from posting your existing content into a pre-built WordPress theme to full blown custom WordPress development. All our website development solutions include responsive design which provides optimum viewing on mobile smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. DreamLight also offers SEO search engine optimization and WordPress website security. All our options include installing and configuring WordPress along with any needed themes and plugins. All our new website design projects include webmaster and hosting services to handle WordPress website & server management, ongoing website maintenance & updates, content updates and technical support. We can even bring our in-house animation expertise to bear on your project from custom 2D animated sliders to 3D animated videos if you are looking for a website with unparalleled impact.

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