Red Blood Cell Animation including White Blood Cells and Platelets

This is a sample of 3D medical animation featuring red blood cell animation (Erythrocytes). The cgi animation also includes white blood cells (Lymphocytes), platelets (Thrombocytes; both activated and inactive), arterial wall (Endothelium inner surface) and blood plasma. In the 3D medical animation you can see how the arterial walls expand and contract with the rhythmic heartbeat. This heartbeat accelerates the various blood cells along with the blood plasma through the arteries. This is a sample of 3D medical animation at the extracellular scale. It is a view as it would appear within an artery. We blended a photorealistic light based microscopic look with a scanning electron microscopic (SEM) look. This combination allowed us to produce an engaging overall visual style for the animation.

We built the models in Modo. Then we brought the models into LightWave 3D where we set up the scene  using LightWave 3D’s particle fx and instances to drive the animation. We did all texturing, lighting, animating and rendering in LightWave 3D. We did all network rendering with DreamLight Constellation of course.

DreamLight Can Create 3D Medical Animation Like this Red Blood Cell Animation for Your Next Project

Whether you need a red blood cell animation or any other type of 3D CGI medical animation to showcase your medical devices, products or procedures, DreamLight can work closely with your marketing, product, scientific or medical teams to create 3D medical animation that will elevate your sales and marketing efforts to a whole new level. We can create animations at any scale from macro medical device scale, through extracellular internal body scale and intracellural SEM scale, right down to molecular and atomic scales. We can animate anything you can imagine and anything you may need.

So don’t settle for using static photos or generic videos to market your medical products or procedures when you could rise above reality with 3D animated content instead. Such dynamic 3D medical animation may then be leveraged across a broad range of uses such as trade show exhibits, online web sites, marketing and educational presentations, TV or film.

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