SEM Animation – 3D CGI Particle FX Animation of Scanning Electron Microscopy


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“Great work by Mike as usual.  We provided him with a lot of technical information and he transformed it into something interesting and comprehensible.”

– Mary C., Director of Marketing and Communications, Astro Pak Corporation

“This animator is awesome. The results are amazing. The rendering/animation looks awesome and again I am amazed by his vision! His depiction of this effect is very accurate.”

– Daryl R., Technoloy Officer, Astro Pak Corporation

“I like it!! The dissolving metal looks fantastic!”

– Mike M., Technical Director Electropolishing Services, Astro Pak Corporation

Astro Pak Corporation had been using a PowerPoint presentation that included a few infographic diagrams. The diagrams illustrated stainless steel composition, oxide film breakdown and electropolishing. Unfortunately they were rather difficult for the audience to grasp and understand. This is often the case because such complicated processes don’t lend themselves well to diagrammatic explanation. Astro Pak turned to DreamLight. So we worked closely with their marketing director and science/technology teams. We researched the processes being described and relevant scanning electron micrographs (SEM). DreamLight designed and animated a simulated 3D CGI SEM animation that clearly presented the processes in an understandable and engaging manner. SEM animation is much more capable of clearly presenting complex processes. Because motion allows us to break down a complicated process into a sequence of clearly understandable events. A clearly animated sequence of events is much more easily absorbed than a complicated static diagram.

Original Client PowerPoint Slides & Diagrams

High Resolution Still Renders from the SEM Animation

We built the models in Modo. Then we brought the models into LightWave 3D where we set up the scene. We used LightWave 3D’s particle fx, instances and mesh displacements to drive the animation. We then did all texturing, lighting, animating and rendering in LightWave 3D. Finally, we completed all network rendering with our own DreamLight Constellation of course.

DreamLight Can Create Simulated SEM Animation and 3D CGI Scientific Animation for Your Next Project

Whether you need a simulated SEM animation or any other type of 3D CGI scientific animation to describe simple or complex processes, products or procedures, DreamLight can help. We will work closely with your marketing, product and scientific teams. This allows us to create 3D scientific animation that will elevate your sales and marketing efforts to a whole new level. DreamLight can create animations at any scale from macro device scale, through light based microscopic scale, scanning electron microscopic SEM scale, right down to molecular and atomic scales. Most of all, DreamLight can animate or illustrate anything you can imagine and anything you may need.

So don’t settle for using static diagrams to market your products or procedures when you could rise above reality with 3D animated content instead. Such dynamic 3D scientific animation may then be leveraged across a broad range of uses such as trade show exhibits, online web sites, marketing and educational presentations, TV or film.

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