3D Virus Animation with 2D Motion Graphics for a COVID-19 Viral Video PSA

When the Wuhan Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 struck the US and businesses were shut down, we decided to use our expertise to create a 3D virus animation we could use as a COVID-19 Viral Video PSA. This would serve three purposes.

  1. First it would help remind the public that not only should they wash their hands, but they should also clean their mobile devices. People often touch their smartphones thousands of times a day and the Coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces for many hours. So this would be one small way we could leverage our broad capabilities to help the effort to fight this virus.
  2. Secondly, it would serve as a another great example of both our 2D motion graphics and 3D animation capabilities.
  3. Thirdly, it would also serve as another fantastic sample of our Telebites brand 3D Animated Viral Videos.

So while client business temporarily slowed during the COVID-19 shutdowns we set about creating this 3D Virus Animation Viral Video PSA.

For COVID-19 smartphone cleaning information please visit our COVID-19 page.

Please share our PSA to remind everyone to clean their smartphone and mobile devices to help slow the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 as the US continues reopening the economy and people return to school and work.

Virus Animation - 3D Coronavirus Animation - COVID-19 PSA

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