Website Redesign & Branding Update

Website Redesign & Branding Update for RooterMan Franchiser’s WordPress Multi-site with Over Five Thousand Subsites

When the number one plumbing franchiser in the U.S. needed a new web developer and webmaster to update and manage their massive franchise website system with a network of over 5,000 websites they contracted DreamLight. We not only created a website redesign for their WordPress multi-site but we also redesigned their logo and branding for everything from their website to their service vans across the US and Canada. DreamLight also manages their entire portfolio of websites including Google Adwords management, WordPress website management and Linux VPS server management.


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“Awesome job! Mike redesigned our WordPress multi-site website for our entire franchising system with over five thousand subsites. He created a custom child theme to build upon our existing websites and give them a whole new modern branded design, exceeding our expectations.”

– Donald M., Founder & CEO, Rooterman

Initial Logo Redesign for Website & Branding Update

Logo Redesign - RooterMan

Undertaking any major website redesign project presents a good opportunity to consider a corporate logo redesign and branding update. So before we launched into the actual website redesign we first analyzed their original forty year old logo and more recent mascot to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Their vintage logo was looking a little dated with its hand drawn figure and lettering. They had created a newer mascot more recently but it didn’t quite fit with the original figure in the logo. So we redesigned the logo to bring it up to modern standards as well as to integrate the new mascot into a single unified logo. We also created a system of individual branding elements for more flexibility across a wide variety of uses, from their website to their service trucks.

Website Redesign with Consolidated Color Palette

Website Redesign & Branding Update with Consolidated Color Palette

Once we completed the new logo design the next step was to analyze the original website’s color usage. The original website used a wide variety of random colors that tended to dilute and clash with the logo colors. So we created a new consolidated color palette based on the new logo colors with a set of additional tints and shades to use in the website. When designing such a web color palette DreamLight is careful to consider digital colorspaces including wide-gamut colorspaces for today’s high end displays. We then carried this new color palette throughout the rest of the corporate branding from print materials to service vans and trucks.

Custom WordPress Child Theme Leverages Base Theme

DLI RooterMan Child Theme

DreamLight built a custom child theme that allowed us to leverage their existing website foundation and structure while performing a website redesign and update. By isolating our changes in a new child theme we were able to extend the existing functionality of the site while redesigning the overall look and feel of the site. This also allowed us to apply all the changes to the main corporate site as well as to the more than five thousand subsites on their WordPress mutli-site network. In addition, we were able to create a modified version of the new child theme to spin-off the RooterMan franchising site into additional franchising sites such as SewerMan and eventually to some of their other franchising sites within their overall web portfolio.

Website Redesign & Branding Update

Custom SCSS/CSS & PHP to Redesign a Base Theme

SCSS/CSS Developer Tools

DreamLight created a new child theme using custom SCSS/CSS styles to perform the bulk of the website redesign. We also created custom PHP programming code to override, replace and extend any functions of the base theme as necessary. Keeping such code modifications isolated in the new child theme and separate from the existing underlying foundation allowed more rapid design, changes, testing and deployment than would have been possible had we started creating a brand new base theme.


Responsive Website Design for Mobile to Desktop

Responsive Website Design

DreamLight custom tailors the responsive design of each website project. This provides best results on a wide variety of platforms from desktop to laptop and mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.

Custom Integrated WordPress Plugin Development

Custom Integrated Plugin Child Theme Options

DreamLight also offers custom plugin development. In the case of this project we built an integrated plugin into the child theme that facilitated switching the active theme throughout the entire WordPress multi-site. This way we could easily develop and test the new child theme on the main corporate site and then quickly deploy it down to the over five thousand network subsites.

Webmaster Services Including Linux Server Management

Linode Linux Server Management

In addition to the website design and branding update we also provide ongoing webmaster services including WordPress website management and Linux VPS server management. DreamLight also provides custom hosting solutions from shared servers to Linux VPS servers.

Terminal Linux Management

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