If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth volumes.

17 Stats And Facts Every Marketer Should Know About Video Marketing

In order to take advantage of that potential worth however you need potential customers to see your video. Telebites™ brand 3D animated CGI viral video ads spread your marketing messages across the web and social media. These short focused videos grab your viewer’s attention and pique their interest. The videos build anticipation and suspense before surprising and amazing the viewers, much like watching a digital magic trick. This imprints your brand in your viewer’s mind with a positive emotion.

Creating such custom 3D animated CGI content would normally be beyond the reach of typical small business budgets. Telebites brand 3D animated CGI viral video ads however are pre-designed and produced for specific industries. This allows us to offer custom branded versions of the CGI viral video ads for less than one tenth of the cost to produce such 3D CGI animation. This brings the cost to fit within the average small business marketing budget. We will custom brand the CGI viral video ad with your company logo and provide you with an HD1080p CGI viral video ad for use on your website and social media.

Please review the Telebites CGI Viral Video Ads currently available below. Check back often as we will be building a library of available CGI Viral Video Ads for additional industries over time.

Coin Dealers: 3D Animated CGI Viral Video Ad – Heads or Tails?


For only $499 we will custom brand this Heads or Tails CGI Viral Video Ad Social Media Marketing Package with your company logo and website URL. This is less than one tenth of the cost of creating such high end CGI animation. The Web & Social Media Marketing Package includes the full HD 30 Second CGI Viral Video Ad, A 20 Second version of the viral ad, A 10 Second version of the viral ad and two still poster images. All custom branded with your logo and web URL.

Set of Three Branded 3D CGI Viral Video Ads

Full 30 Second Viral Video Ad

20 Second Version

10 Second Version

Set of Two Branded Poster Images

Gold Coins Poster Image

Gold Coins Poster Image

Pot of Gold Poster Image

Pot of Gold Branded Poster Image

Simply make the purchase through the Buy Now button and email a vector (PDF, EPS, SVG, AI) version of your logo to: info@DreamLight.com. Please be sure to include a valid email address. After we receive your order and logo we will contact you with any questions. Customization typically takes a couple business days to a couple of weeks depending on our current project workload. Please check your spam folder and call us if you don’t receive an email reply within a couple business days.

DreamLight Creates Custom 3D Animated CGI Viral Video Ads for all your Web and Social Media Marketing Efforts

If you don’t see a prebuilt CGI Viral Video Ad above that would be appropriate for your business let us know. We can also create custom 3D animated CGI viral video ads from scratch. Whether you want to showcase your products or highlight their key features and benefits, DreamLight can work closely with your marketing and product teams. We can create custom 3D animated viral videos with 3D special effects and 2D motion graphics. This will elevate your sales and marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Don’t settle for using static photos or generic videos to market your products on social media. Rise above reality with custom 3D animated CGI viral video ads instead. We can even leverage such animation into larger and longer format animated content. This way we can target other uses such as trade show exhibits, online web sites, business presentations, TV or film.

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