Corporate Logo Update & Redesign

When the number one plumbing franchiser in the U.S. recently contracted DreamLight to update and manage their system of over 5,000 websites, it was a good opportunity for a corporate logo and branding update. We first analyzed their original decades … Read More

How to Copy File Paths on Mac OS X

Here’s a quick tip post for Mac OS X users that shows how to copy file paths on Mac OS X. Because the Mac OS X Finder is a high level GUI (Graphical User Interface) files and folders are usually … Read More

Web Color Management for Images and CSS Colors

Understanding and Testing Web Color Management for Images and CSS Colors in Web Browsers Web color management is becoming more important as modern wide-gamut computer monitors become capable of displaying wider color gamuts. For instance, if you are using a … Read More

DreamLight’s Client Project Appears on Chile TV

DreamLight’s 2D/3D animation project for McLane Research recently appeared on Chile TV. The 2D/3D animation project played on a nine-screen video wall as university researches discussed using the product on a science show.

How to Fix Can’t Edit WordPress Files

Quick Fix for One Potential Cause If You Can’t Edit WordPress Files This is a quick post of a frustrating error I ran into recently. It includes a quick fix workaround that may help if you can’t edit WordPress files. … Read More

How to Animate Waving Plants with Displacements

How to Animate Waving Plants with Displacements & Gradients in LightWave 3D’s Node Editor In this month’s blog post I’ll show how to animate waving plants with displacements. This is yet another technique that I used in the 3D animated … Read More

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