Jay H.

Quality: Service: Value: “Excellent work, client loves it!”

Kate K.

Quality: Service: Value: “Mike does amazing work. He is very professional, and he put in the extra effort to get a project done on time and within budget. He goes above and beyond at meeting and exceeding expectations. Thank you!”

Mary C.

Quality: Service: Value: “Mike has been such a joy to work with.  He made the entire process so effortless, from defining the scope, through storyboarding, to implementing feedback.  Communication is so key in creative projects where details, if not conveyed properly, can … Read More

Chris H.

Quality: Service: Value: “Excellent turnaround, with an easy project workflow. Thanks!”

Darcy S.

Quality: Service: Value: “I was at a trade-show last week and the booth was swamped. While people waited for one of us to be free, they stood and watched the animation. Well done system animation. Attracted and kept customers attention as they … Read More

Nitzan P.

Quality: Service: Value: “Congratulations. It looks wonderful. We are very happy with the final results.”

Mark D.

Quality: Service: Value: “DreamLight has far exceeded our expectations during every stage of engagement producing a 3D character animation that nails the objectives of the project’s concept and quality directives. The extraordinary creative abilities of DreamLight offered an enjoyable and productive process that … Read More

Michelle F.

Quality: Service: Value: “It’s truly a pleasure to work with DreamLight. Mike is completely amazing when it comes to understanding our technology and the objectives we need to achieve in our animations. It’s so nice to have a partner that you don’t … Read More

Timothy L.

Quality: Service: Value: “Great job, we are very happy with the work and DreamLight’s dedication to the project.”

Nathan S.

Quality: Service: Value: “From conception to finished product, Michael perfectly created the look and feel of my product and then animated it in the most natural way. It looks even better than what I imagined. An extension of my own design process.”

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