Jack G. D.D.S, M.S.

Quality: Service: Value: “Everything was great, thanks for the hard work. Looking forward to working on more projects in the future.”

Mary C.

Quality: Service: Value: “Mike did an amazing job producing a high resolution rendering for use on our new 20′ trade show display.  We introduced a minor design setback halfway through the project, but Mike did a commendable job addressing our concerns and … Read More

Mehran A.

Quality: Service: Value: “We received great service with high quality and in a quick turn over time.”

Deep S.

Quality: Service: Value: “Mike was able to work over the weekend and deliver renderings for a time-critical project. It was easy to communicate with Mike and he understood our needs very well.”

Vicki S.

Quality: Service: Value: “It was a pleasure working with DreamLight on our 3D project.  DreamLight delivered high quality images and responded in a timely manner. I look forward to working with them on many more projects.”

Sash D.

Quality: Service: Value: “Mike was fantastic to work with and really helped to translate our thoughts into living, breathing avatars. We thoroughly recommend DreamLight for any 3D projects and are looking forward to working again soon with Mike.”

Luisa I.

Quality: Service: Value: “Great professional service. High marks on creativity and timing!”

Lauren S.

Quality: Service: Value: “We issued a tall order with a short turn around… everyone has been so pleased with the outcome. People who have seen the renderings feel as if they are actually standing in the midst of an existing campus.”

Jamie M.

Quality: Service: Value: “Great job of interpreting what we wanted with very little input. Thanks for the quick turnaround. We hope to expand on this and do additional projects in the future.”

Robert B.

Quality: Service: Value: “Excellent!”

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