David W.

 About Time There Was a How-To Book on Animated Shorts! “I don’t often write reviews, but this book, Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short: The Making is the Autition Archives – Fault Effect by Michael Scaramozzino, left me no alternative. … Read More

Jonathan W.

 The BEST book on creating shorts (and Indie Animation) with Lightwave. “I own and have read a lot of books on various topics in computer animation, and this book is the most meticulous, practical and easy-to-follow resource I own for … Read More

Lisa F.

Quality: Service: Value: “Everything I saw indicated that you prepared an excellent Digital Techniques course. I don’t think there are many professionals who could cover an introduction to 3 different software applications, including LightWave, in such an effective way. I’m very glad … Read More


Quality: Service: Value: “This class has been very informative and productive; I really enjoyed it. I learned so much not only on the programs that we covered in class but on how to independently pick up brand new programs in the future.”

Heather C.

Quality: Service: Value: “I learned a lot from this class and everything that we did was a really good way to start with the materials we were using. I loved all of the assignments.”

Susan G.

Quality: Service: Value: “We were very happy with the training and support we received and everything is still running fine, we haven’t had a single problem. The whole set up with the DLI_SNUB-Launcher works perfectly!”