Cris B.

VFX Supervisor, Goodmakers |

“I really wished I’d filmed this… I’m already rendering !!! I literally got the license a few minutes ago …. that was the quickest time I’ve ever set up anything…

ScreamerNet has literally brought me to tears in the past – in the fetal position on the ground… I cannot believe how simple this was, how it gives you enough control to know what’s going on and shows you what it’s doing… wow..

I’m very happy with your product [DLI_SNUB-Launcher]. Initially I was waiting for things to fail, or not work.. But it just worked. First time! I got my render back in one hour instead of 7!

all the best,

p.s. In the past I was used to the IT people back at Digital Domain dealing with all of this, when we had literally thousands of machines at our disposal, I’ve now left LA and set up a studio in Nairobi, Kenya ! and I’m doing it all myself… Thank-you for making this part so simple, I was expecting insane headaches.”