Don L.

Senior Art Director, Bose Corporation |

Dear Mike:

I’d like to let you know in an “official” way how much I appreciate your hard work, dedication and talent on the recently completed “Bose Car” illustration.

When the concept for this campaign was approved I was faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable challenge… produce a photo-realistic image of a car that is unlike any car on the market today. An image that is absolutely unrecognizable to our target audience: the very knowledgeable automobile manufacturer. In other words, create an image that gives the impression that Bose has designed, manufactured and photographed an actual “Bose Car.”

I was faced with a number of executional approaches: One would be to photograph many different cars and combine them into one image. This approach was flawed because our target audience is so sophisticated that they would certainly recognize a Honda tail light on a Nissan bumper, attached to a Ford body. Another approach would be to create the image using traditional photo-realistic airbrushing. This approach would not be “fluid” enough. It would be very difficult to make last minute changes. Not to mention I was not convinced that we could create an absolutely photo-realistic image with traditional airbrush.

Enter DreamLight. We called you in, and gave you very broad parameters. Create an image of a car unlike any other. And deliver it in four weeks.

This was the first time I had done business with you. I have to admit that I was very apprehensive. Basically, I needed a miracle in a month. And I was putting most of the burden on you.

After I reviewed your first rounds of roughs, I knew I had made the right decision. You took the time to research the styling cues from a number of existing cars. You took these cues and combined them into an image that is very contemporary but very unique.

Throughout the project, you communicated well, you were very flexible and you kept to your estimate. Not to mention you met the outrageous deadline!

The ultimate test of the final image was to show it to a person in my department who is a car buff. Her reaction was just what I was hoping for… “But what kind of car is it?”. It took a few minutes to convince her that it was a computer generated image. And the image is receiving nothing but positive comments throughout the company. Everyone’s question is “But what kind of car is it?” I respond simply. “It’s the Bose car.”

Thank you again for your dedication and talent. I am looking forward to creating the next image in the series with you.


Don L.

– Senior Art Director, Bose Corporation