Number Nine

Doug G.

Graphic Designer, Number Nine Computer Corporation. |

Dear Michael:

Thank you very much for your work on the “Sunglasses” illustration. You went far beyond the call of duty not only in creating that image, but also in ensuring that it would work on our hardware. In everything from suggesting improvements to our original concept, through carefully creating a seamless image and then making last-minute changes to that image, to loaning us the appropriate hardware so we could transfer the drawing to the printer, you made sure that the job was done right.

I was impressed by your wide knowledge of the various types of drawing, painting, rendering and modeling software, and the different kinds of solutions they offered. I was also impressed by your ability to keep to your original time and cost estimates, even with alterations to the drawing late in  the project. In both craft and business, your work is excellent.

Thank you once again for a job very well done.