John M.

Art Director, Parsons Friedman Stephan & Rose |

Dear Mike:

Thanks very much for a job well done on the illustrations for the Sprague Energy brochure. At the outset, I anticipated great problems in converting intricate, technical site plans into clear and concise illustrations … let alone colorful ones that would complement the feeling of the brochure. I was also a bit concerned at the potential cost of such a venture.

Now I feel like an imbecile for ever having worried at all. Your keen grasp of the project simplified it right from the beginning, and gave me confidence that you would be able to add considerable value to the design I ad imagined, at a substantially lower cost than I had expected. I was delighted at the speed with which you were able to implement changes and corrections, and of course, your creative input was invaluable.

DreamLight Studios has turned a potential nightmare of a job into a pleasant and stimulating experience. But most important, our client loves the finished product.

I look forward to working with you guys again.