Jonathan W.

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5-Star Gold Stars The BEST book on creating shorts (and Indie Animation) with Lightwave.

“I own and have read a lot of books on various topics in computer animation, and this book is the most meticulous, practical and easy-to-follow resource I own for creating short films without a big team of employees. It appealed to me specifically because I needed a book that discusses using Lightwave 3D in an indie-scale pipeline. The book does that but also covers much more.

The author does a great job of documenting his process from concept to final rendering, of two short films: 1) About a stuffed alien toy that imagines a trip around the solar system, and 2) the pilot episode for a web-based series. I bought this book back in September and finished it in about a week, but since that time I have used it to clearly map out my path to creating a web series of my own. I highly recommend this book for users of Lightwave (and Modo), and anyone who generally wants to learn about making an independent short. It’s a great book.”